What is Com Samsung Android App Telephonyui and How To Disable It?

If you make calls with your Android device (like most of us) and check your Google Activity log, you will notice that com Samsung android app telephonyui is one of the apps in the log. What is it, and what does it do to your Samsung device? Is it safe for you, or does having it means some danger signs?

Because Android devices can have many apps such as com.samsung.android.app.dressroom, most of you might not understand, you might mistake com Samsung android app telephonyui and other applications related to it as bloatware or spyware. This article is your informant; it helps you understand everything about com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui.

What Is com Samsung android app telephonyui?

Com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui is the caller or dialer app on the latest Samsung devices. Previously, there was another dialer app on the Samsung devices, but a newer version was launched on 28th December 2018 to offer better services. Courtesy of the com Samsung android app telephonyui, you can now enjoy many features or execute many commands on your Samsung device, as explained below.

What features does the telephonyui app have?

Like with other advancements, the com Samsung android app telephonyui allows you many privileges, and you can enjoy many features because of it. For instance,

  1. Answer calls when one reaches out to you
  2. Cancel a call and send a message instead
  3. Hang up one call
  4. Click the mute option and turn the call on a quiet mode
  5. Access other apps as you call
  6. Switch the normal call to the internet, Bluetooth, or video call
  7. Record a call
  8. Add other calls and make a call conference

It is worth noting that while the com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui allows you to enjoy many features, they vary depending on the model of your Samsung device. As such, you might enjoy features not enjoyed by other Samsung users and vice versa.

Is com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui safe?

With the advent of technology came many apps and features that people explore. But this is not without data compromise. Many people have given out sensitive information when they did not intend to, and others have been robbed of money or have their information ruined. As such, you may wonder whether Samsung apps, including the com Samsung android app telephonyui, are safe.

It may come as a relief to know that the com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui is safe and you have nothing to worry about. It is protected by Samsung Corporation, and it does not leak out your personal information. Besides, it is no spyware, so rest assured that it will not give your information to 3rd parties.

Is the app bloatware?

You might wonder whether com Samsung android app telephonyui is bloatware. Such are apps that unnecessarily fill up your space, although the device does not need them. They also contribute to draining batteries since they often run in the background.

Is com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui bloatware? No, on the contrary, your phone needs it, and without it, you cannot perform any of the previously described functions, leave alone make a call. Besides, com Samsung android app telephonyui does not take up more space than it should; it only utilizes what the system allocates it.

How to disable com Samsung android app telephonyui?

If you do not make calls using the com Samsung android app telephonyui, you may want to delete or disable it. However, it is worth noting that you cannot disable it since it is a pre-installed system like the com samsung android app galaxyfinder. Rather, you can only force stop it.

To force stop the com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui, proceed as follows;

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Click on the Settings App
  3. Depending on what model your Samsung device is, locate all the apps on your device, maybe by clicking the ‘App Management‘ option
  4. Locate the Phone app
  5. Click Force Stop

You will not be able to use the com Samsung android app telephonyui to make or receive calls. However, this is a temporary command that you can undo and have activated by following the same procedure and clicking the Activate button.

Clearing cache of the com Samsung android app telephonyui

If the phone app for your Samsung device keeps hanging, you might want to clear com Samsung android app telephonyui cache. Whenever you use any app, including com.samsung.android.fmm, it keeps small files called cached files in the app’s memory. With time, the files become too many and may make the device hang. If this happens, clear the cached file by;

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Go to Apps & Notifications or App Management, depending on your Samsung model
  4. Click on Clear Cache


Com Samsung android app telephonyui is a pre-installed system application that serves as the dialer or phone app for the latest Samsung devices. It is not bloatware since you need it to make and receive calls. Since it is a pre-installed system app such as CMHProvider, you cannot disable it. Rather, you can improve its functionality by force stopping it or clearing its cache.

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