What Is com android sharedstoragebackup? Is The App A Virus?

Com android sharedstoragebackup is used for user data that is accessible by the other apps and automatically saved on Android, even you uninstall the app. Android is a medium to provide API for data storage and sharing. Com.android.sharedstoragebackup is a safer app like com.android.backupconfirm and faster way to keep your Android lighter from the unnecessary load of the files. These files can be accessed through the storage Access Framework.


What Is Com android sharedstoragebackup?

Com android sharedstoragebackup helps you access directories for common files like photos, videos, and images, other users have common locations for these kinds of files. Music and video files are also stored in another common file.

You can access these files there, all these types of content can be accessed through the media content API’s platform. Com Android Shared Storage Backup gives you the facility to save all types of files.

Com.android.sharedstoragebackup has a specific directory to store documents and other files like PDF books and files your app can access. These files are by using the storage access framework and sharing.

Give you data care where you can keep data safe and accessible whenever you want easily. Androids receive multiple datasets which other apps might use dataset supports file readability and media playback Apps can get access to this shared dataset using blob store manager API.

Shared storage can improve productivity for those files that have large sizes and are difficult to share especially when you are editing some video files. 

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How to get access to com android shared storage backup? 

Where multiple users can get access to com android sharedstoragebackup through a storage system is known as shared storage. Its purpose is to give connectivity to multi-users to avoid extra data. A burden that is helpful for both the team and a single user.

Three types of shared storage backup must be in the user’s knowledge before performing any task. Any action taken may cause changes at the backend that may affect the device’s performance. 

  • Network Attached Storage NAS: Is a server having built-in space inside. It has a vast capacity to store data in it that can be accessed at any time when it is needed. 
  • Storage Area Network SAN: Transfers data to a large disk. Also manages millions of users at the same time. If you have a team of hundred users then SAN exactly suits your requirements. Easier and faster track to store data and backups.  
  • Raid Redundant Array of Independent Disk RAD: Stores data across multiple disks. It is connected to a single system using multiple disks. 

Why file sharing is important?

There are many file sharing ways like cloud storage, and other sources, but it takes time, shared storage keeps your time safe for sharing any file type. It keeps you away from multiple disks to store more than one copy of the same file using shared storage that can have your data and files safe without having any physical disks. It enhances the working capacity of an Android.

Because it can share other storage as well that’s why it doesn’t slow the Android performance. Com Android Shared Storage Backup smoothens your large file transfer rate. It doesn’t waste time copying large data files so your workflow doesn’t slow.  

If you are managing a huge team to work with. Com android sharedstoragebackup can make your work faster and easier, it will increase your workability and capacity. For example, Jellyfish is a reliable shared storage system that saves too much time for you and your team.

Is Com android sharedstoragebackup A Virus?

This com android sharedstoragebackup is not a virus or harmful spyware to your Android in any way even you can keep your valuable data in a safe place while keeping your Android free from the extra load of data and other files.


According to the above discussion com android sharedstoragebackup is a useful system for the better performance of your Android. It boosts the working ability of your Android.

Com.android.sharedstoragebackup is a storage system that enhances performance, while you are doing some action singly or as a team. Its keeps Android free from the extra workload of those files that are not currently required, in case of any damage to your Android, you can get your data to retrieve. 

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