What Is Com Pivotmobile Android Metrics and How To Uninstall It?

Pivot Mobile is a popular game developer closely associated with the com.pivotmobile.android.metrics app. The developer has many games in store, with the Swimmy Turtle being the most popular one. When you download third-party apps, primarily those by Pivot Mobile. The com pivotmobile android metrics are equally side-downloaded.

As such, you might notice its presence until you check your Google Activity logs and realize that it is part of the recent apps. What are com.pivotmobile.android.metrics? Is it a virus? Is it spyware? What are its uses? Does it pose a threat to your Android phone? Can you delete it, and if so, how? Peer into this article to answer all these questions.

What is Com.pivotmobile.android.metrics?

The first thing we need to understand is what com.pivotmobile.android.metrics are. Simply put, this is a sub-downloaded app such as com.facebook.orca that gets itself into your device when you download third-party apps, especially those designed by Pivot Mobile.

Pivot Mobile is a popular game developer famously known for its Swimmy Turtle game, but it has many other apps for download. By sub-download, we mean the app automatically gets permission to download into a device, even without your go-ahead. This may sound a bit off and make you wonder whether com pivotmobile android metrics do more harm than good to your Samsung phone.

What functions do the com pivotmobile android metrics play on your Samsung?

Our next concern is the role of com.pivotmobile.android.metrics in an Android phone since many clients have asked us whether their devices really need the app. Well, the simple answer to this question is a no; your Samsung device does not need the com pivotmobile android metrics application to run.

The sub-downloaded app helps track in-app ads (for the application it sub-downloaded with) or ads by other apps. Besides, Pivot Mobile uses it to track data usage for the app it came with and other applications as well. Nonetheless, your phone is safe and snug without the pivot mobile since it is not an in-built system app.

Is com.pivotmobile.android.metrics a virus?

We always have clients expressing worries about apps whose origin they don’t understand, including the com.android.backupconfirm and com.pivotmobile.android.metrics app. Such people ask whether the apps are viruses, which is a genuine concern, considering the many cases of data integrity compromise today.

Thankfully, the com pivotmobile android metrics app is built by a reputable organization, Pivot Mobile, and is not a virus by any chance. If you see a hint that this code is a virus, know that’s another code or app posing as com.pivotmobile.android.metrics. However, keep scanning your device for viruses with the latest anti-virus software to be sure about data safety.

Is com.pivotmobile.android.metrics spyware?

Spyware is programs that resemble viruses and virtually spy on a person’s activities, likely to share personal information with a third party. In most cases, the latter uses the data for malicious intent, including generating incriminating evidence.

In the worst-case scenario, spyware applications steal data or share it across third parties who then edit it, constituting cyberbullying. As such, you may wonder whether com pivotmobile android metrics is a spyware program.

The com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is a safe app like com.android.sharedstoragebackup and does not constitute spyware programs or give leeway to them. As such, this pivot mobile is no threat to your Samsung phone. However, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, keep running virus scans using the latest anti-virus software versions to ensure all malware programs are kept at bay.

Is it safe to uninstall the com pivotmobile android metrics, and how do you do so?

Many users have asked us whether they can safely uninstall the com.pivotmobile.android.metrics, and the answer to this question is a straightforward yes. This is because it does not perform any special tasks on your device, which is why removing it should not pose any challenges.

Still, it is not a walk in the park to uninstall com pivotmobile android metrics. The primary reason for this is that you cannot find it on the Play Store, nor does it have the uninstall tray that comes with many third-party apps for deletion.

As such, you will have to go a different route to delete com pivotmobile android metrics. Rest assured, though, that the procedure given here will permanently delete this sub-downloaded app code. Proceed as follows to permanently remove com.pivotmobile.android.metrics from your phone;

  1. Go to Settings (from the main menu)
  2. Proceed to Apps
  3. Under All Applications, locate com.pivotmobile.android.metrics
  4. Tap on it, and many options appear, including clear cache, force stop, etc.
  5. Click on Uninstall or Delete, depending on the option offered by your Android

You can also locate com.pivotmobile.android.metrics from Recent Apps and follow the steps above to delete it permanently from your Samsung.


Com.pivotmobile.android.metrics is the app for a Pivot Mobile-generated application that sub-downloads into your device when you install a third-party app, primarily by Pivot Mobile. It runs in the background and tracks data usage for the particular app it came with and in-app ads and ads from other applications. The blog shows that it is neither a virus nor spyware, and it poses no threat to your device. However, if you feel like deleting the code, feel free to follow the steps provided above.

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