What is Com Samsung Android App Galaxyfinder and How To Remove It?

The S-Finder is a great Samsung app that allows users to perform global searches and is supported by the com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder application. Although many people have mistaken the com samsung android app galaxyfinder code for a virus or spyware, it is none of these. Rather, the code supports the S-Finder app on Samsung Galaxy phones, through which you can conduct global searches.

As such, you can locate settings, apps, files, videos, or images by a mere search. What is com samsung android app galaxyfinder? Is it a virus or malware? Should you delete it, and if yes, how do you go about the steps? Keep reading this article to answer these questions.

Com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder What is it?

Like many others, you may be wondering hard what the com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder application means. Have you used the S-Finder app on your Samsung device to locate settings or apps? If your answer is yes, you have indirectly interacted with the com samsung android app galaxyfinder.

Simply put, com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder is the code that underscores the S-Finder app on Samsung Galaxy devices. Using the S-Finder app, you can search everything, including settings, apps, images, documents, videos, or any file you misplaced.

The app searches the device and the internet at the same time. It is exclusively found on Samsung phone and not any other. Of course, other devices have finder apps that are different from Samsung’s S-Finder underscored by the com samsung android app galaxyfinder app.

Is com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder a virus or malware?

Like many others, you might wonder hard whether the com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder application denotes a virus or spyware program. Viruses refer to malicious programs that gain access to a device when connected to other phones or the internet. Such programs corrupt files, and may cause one to lose data.

Thankfully, com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder is not a virus, just like com.samsung.android.fmm and will not corrupt your system files or data, or worse, cause data loss. To ensure that your device is free of viruses, you can run the latest virus scan using the latest anti-virus software.

The other concern is whether com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder is a spyware program, and the answer to this is a no; the code does not spy over your activities. S-Finder is a Google app protected by Play Protect and Google policies and is neither a virus nor spyware program, and so is its code herein discussed.

Should you remove the com samsung android app galaxyfinder code?

Since the com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder or the app it denotes does not harm the device, you don’t need to delete it. Moreover, it is helpful, especially when you have to run a global search or you are trying to recover a file whose storage location you cannot remember.

Deleting the com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder means you can no longer run global searches.

How to remove the com samsung android app galaxyfinder?

While it is not recommended that you delete the com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder application, you can go ahead if you wish. However, you must remember that this is a system app whose deletion is not performed by a mere click at the ‘Uninstall’ option when you long-press the app.

Rather, com samsung android app galaxyfinder like other system apps such as com.facebook.orca, requires root access to be permanently removed. Two options permanently delete the app via root access, and they are detailed below;

1-System App Remover

The System app removers help you uninstall preinstalled apps including com android backupconfirm and will be handy in uninstalling com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder. Proceed as follows to execute action;

  1. Using a browser, say Chrome or Firefox, download a System Remover App
  2. Launch the application
  3. Using the search icon, locate the com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder app
  4. Confirm the deletion by clicking ‘Uninstall.’ The com com samsung android app galaxyfinder application is deleted permanently, and you will never perform a global search unless you download a third-party app for the searches.

2- ADB debugging

System debug or ADB routing is a technique that works well to uninstall preinstalled apps such as com android sharedstoragebackup on Android devices. Since com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder denote the S-Finder, a preinstalled app, this method will be handy, only that it requires root access to your Samsung device.

You can read the Android Rooting Guide for instructions about gaining root access and once you gain root access, proceed as follows to permanently delete the com samsung android app galaxyfinder;

  1. Access the Settings app from the main menu, click System, then About Phone
  2. Activate the device’s Developer Options by tapping on Build Number 7-10 times
  3. Access Settings from the main menu again, and access Developer Options by simply tapping it
  4. Tap USB debugging to start it and proceed to Mozilla FireFox or any browser to download ADB on the computer
  5. Extract the downloaded zip file into a folder and open the folder
  6. Press and hold the shift button simultaneously, then double-click on a blank location
  7. ‘Open PowerShell window here’ pop-up appears, tap on it, and enter the command, ‘adb devices’
  8. Use a cable to connect your phone to the laptop
  9. Type the command line, ‘adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder,’ press Enter and let the command run to delete the application completely. The app goes, and so does the S-Finder app.


Com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder is a code that denotes the S-Finder app on Samsung Galaxy phones and is neither a virus nor a spyware program. It helps you perform global searches by typing the keyword on the search icon. As such, you should not delete it lest you don’t want to perform global searches ever again. Nonetheless, should you feel like removing the code, this blog provides the procedure to do so.

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