What is com.android.backupconfirm app and How To Remove It?

Have you come across com.android.backupconfirm in the process of backing up or restoring data on your Android device? Com android backup confirms pop-up often shows when you are manually backing up data, but many do not understand what it means.

Because of such ignorance, many smartphone users have been led into believing that this application is not safe and might be yet another form of malware intended to corrupt your android system. This article helps clear the air because it explains everything you need to know about com android backupconfirm, whether you can delete it, and how to do so. Stay tuned to benefit from this well-researched blog.

What is com.android.backupconfirm app?

First things, let’s see what com.android.backupconfirm means before getting into the details about whether you can remove it. Simply put, it is the ADB package app that confirms the data backup process. It is one of the steps in Android manual data backup and must appear when you create copies of or restore data. As such, it is no malware or spyware.

What is the role of com android backupconfirm?

Android devices are among the best devices. Besides, they are affordable, and that’s why they are many people’s major smartphone picks today. Still, we find some things about them a bit of. One of these is the high number of applications these devices have, especially at the My Files or Google Activity section.

As such, users get confused about which of the 100+ package files and apps are important. They go as far as questioning the usefulness of some packages, including com.facebook.orca.

Com.android.backupconfirm is indeed important for your android phone. Some devices come with an automatic backup feature, and all you need is to turn it on so that every time new data is uploaded, they are automatically saved.

However, not all android devices have this feature, and those that lack it have to be prompted to restore and back up data manually. Yet, you cannot manually restore or back up data without the com android backupconfirm apk package. Otherwise, how would the system know whether the backup is legitimate? This shows how the extension is important in retrieving your data.

Is com.android.backupconfirm spyware or malware?

As technology keeps advancing, instances of cybercrime and data compromise increase. Sadly, some apps and package files have created leeway for compromising integrity. For instance, have you heard about people who introduced viruses to corporate data because they only clicked some adverts or links to some third-party apps?

This is sad, especially when the data gets entirely corrupted and cannot be retrieved in its original form.

Some sources have questioned the legitimacy of com.android.backupconfirm, even claiming that it is spyware or malware. Spyware is programs intended to spy over user activities and relay the information to third parties who might steal data and use them to conduct criminal activity.

On the other hand, malware is malicious programs that directly corrupt data and interfere with them. We are happy to inform you that com android backupconfirm android app is none of these.

While it has some permission into your device, including storage, it does not spy on your activities or introduce malicious applications.

Can I remove com.android.backupconfirm, and how to do it?


The other common question we have received about com.android.backupconfirm is whether one can delete it.

Well, the choice is yours, especially when your android phone automatically backs up data. Nonetheless, we advise against deleting the package file because you might one day need it.

To permanently remove com.android.backupconfirm, you need root access in the device, and you can gain it by reading Android Rooting Guide. Once done, you can use ADB debugging or System app remove to eliminate the package app. Nonetheless, you can choose to disable the app by;

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Proceed to Apps
  3. Scroll downward and locate com.android.backupconfirm
  4. Click on Force Stop and confirm the action. The package remains in the device but is less active.


Com.android.backupconfirm on Samsung android phone is the package file that confirms the legitimacy of data backup or restoration. It is especially useful when your device lacks the automatic data backup feature, and you have to prompt the system to do it. You cannot permanently remove com android backupconfirm without root access, but you can disable it using the Force Stop option.

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