What is Com Samsung Android FMM App and How To Disable It?

Like many others, you might have been surprised to notice com.samsung.android.fmm as part of your Google Activity logs. Because many people don’t understand what the app means, they mistake it for a virus or a threat to the samsung device. Of course, this is understandable because Samsung Galaxy phones, like other android devices, have multiple apps including com.android.settings and com.facebook.orca, some of which users never interact with directly.

Some of the apps, including the one underscored by the com samsung android fmm app, are absolutely required for your device’s functionality. What is com.samsung.android.fmm used for? It is a virus? What are its functions? What are the prerequisites before using it? Peer into this article to answer these questions.

What is com.samsung.android.fmm?

Our primary concern before looking at the other details about com.samsung.android.fmm is to know what it is. Simply put, it is a code or app that underscores the Find My Mobile functionality (micro app) on Samsung devices.

You might find samsung android fmm under All Apps or Recent Apps in the Google Activity logs. With the code, you can locate your Samsung phone remotely and wipe or lock it. The Find My Mobile feature becomes especially important when you lose your mobile device or are forced by circumstances to control it remotely.

What role does com samsung android fmm play on Samsung?

The Find My Mobile feature underscored by the com.samsung.android.fmm helps you locate your device remotely. Have you ever heard of a situation where one misplaced his Samsung phone and located it remotely? That was possible via the com android fmm code.

The good news about the code and the app it underscores is that they help you locate the device, even when it is offline. As such, you must ensure the device you are using to locate the Samsung phone is connected to the internet.

It then tries locating your misplaced device and shows the position on the map, which you can then zoom in to see where exactly the android phone is. Moreover, you can then lock or swipe the device once you have control over it via the map, and if you misplaced it, you could track it down.

What can I do to use the app functionalities?

From the above paragraphs, it is clear that com.samsung.android.fmm and the app it underscores do no harm to your Samsung Galaxy device. Rather, they become useful when you have misplaced your android phone and are trying to find it or when you have to control it remotely for one reason or the other.

However, you have to meet the following criteria before you can enjoy the provisions by this code;

  • You must create a Samsung Galaxy account, especially when you are using the android phone for the first time
  • You must enable the remote control feature. While it is true that the com samsung android fmm app can find a device that’s neither connected to Wi-Fi nor has its cellular data on, the remote control feature should be on for the app to work

How to turn the remote control feature on to enable app to function?

Are you wondering how you can turn the remote control feature to allow com.samsung.android.fmm to operate? It is simple, and you only need to follow the steps detailed below;

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the Privacy option
  3. Tap on the Biometric Security option
  4. Go to Lock Screen and Security
  5. Proceed to Find My Device
  6. Toggle the button to turn on the Find My Device option
  7. The Remote Unlock, Send Last Location, and Offline Finding are all turned on

Before executing the steps above, you must create an account with Samsung Galaxy. If you have done so, the steps above will request the account’s password, which you should provide to complete the process.

Is com samsung android fmm app a virus?

The technological era has brought us many things to enjoy, but not without data security issues. People live in fear of their data being compromised or corrupt. In fact, others are fearful after their personal information has been stolen and used for generating incriminating evidence.

Sadly, some apps such as com.android.backupconfirm, particularly third-party ones, give leeway to the viruses and spyware programs that compromise data integrity or constitute such malware on their own. As such, people are wary about apps, including samsung android fmm, and they wonder if it will cost them their data.

Thankfully, com.samsung.android.fmm is neither a virus nor a malware application, and it will not affect your data integrity. Besides, it is protected by Galaxy Store laws, making it safe.

How to disable the com.samsung.android.fmm app?

Disabling the fmm app is as simple as following the activation process, only that you toggle off the Find My Device option. Follow the steps below to disable com.samsung.android.fmm;

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select app
  3. Search for com.samsung.android.fmm
  4. Click on it
  5. Click disable app


Com.samsung.android.fmm is the application behind the Find My Mobile feature on Samsung Galaxy devices. It is neither a virus nor a spyware program and is safe for your phone. It helps you locate your misplaced device and lock or swipe it remotely. This blog has explained everything about this app.

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