What is com.facebook.orca on Android and How To Fix It?

While using your android device, you might have encountered an ‘Unfortunately com.facebook.orca has stopped’ error message. Still, you might not be well conversant with com Facebook orca and wonder hard what the apk means. Don’t worry; many other users have noticed this annoying pop-up and have had the lamest idea of what to do.

Thus, they keep asking themselves. ‘is it malware, software, spyware, or bloatware?’ ‘What does it do in my device, and do I really need it?’ These are thoughtful questions, and getting their answers is incredibly important. Besides, dubious sources have purported many things about Facebook orca, most of which are entirely baseless. This article is your informant; it helps you know every single thing you need to know about the application, including how to fix the annoying error message.

What is com.facebook.orca used for?

First things first, we need to fully understand what com.facebook.orca is before getting to the nitty-gritty about whether your device needs it. As suggested by the app, this codename is definitely linked to the Facebook name.

Simply put, com Facebook orca can be defined as the apk folders for the Facebook Messenger app. Facebook and Facebook Messenger are two different apps, and so are the application folders that contain their operational files.

Com.facebook.orca is for Facebook, while the Messenger app has com Facebook orca as its application files folder.

When you download the Facebook Messenger app into your device, the Facebook orca apk folder is automatically downloaded into the phone as well.

This is slightly different from com.facebook.orca that you might find pre-installed in your device, especially when your Android phone came with the Facebook app already installed.

com facebook orca folder

How do I know that my phone has com facebook orca?

Now that you are learning more about com.facebook.orca, you might get worried when you check your apps menu and realize that you cannot locate the folder. Don’t be scared; there are two ways to prove the presence of com.facebook.orca in your phone.

First, you can check the Google Activity log, especially if you have been using the Facebook Messenger app. Alternatively, you can go to Settings and check the list of apps, and you will see com.facebook.orca if you have the Messenger application installed on your Android phone.

Is com.facebook.orca a virus?

Many third-party apps are known to introduce viruses to smartphones or expose smart devices to malicious programs. Sometimes, a mere click of an advert about an app introduces viruses to your personal data, and before you know it, everything is compromised.

Are you worried that com Facebook orca could do the same?

You will be happy to know that the orca app is safe and will never introduce viruses to your or device expose it to malicious programs.

Is com facebook orca bloatware or spyware?

Apart from malware or viruses, people also fear that com.facebook.orca is spyware and bloatware. Bloatware refers to programs that your device does not need but are still unnecessarily present. As such, bloatware is known to use up device resources unjustifiably, eating into storage space and memory.

Among the many questions, our clients would like to know about com Facebook orca is whether it is bloatware. We are happy to inform you that the orca apk app is not bloatware. Instead, it only takes up what the system allocates to support the Facebook Messenger app.

Furthermore, many people have asked us whether com.facebook.orca is spyware. From the term, it is clear what spyware does; it is a program or collection of programs or software that spies onto a user’s activities.

More often than not, such programs share confidential information from an android phone with third parties. As such, data integrity is compromised, and before you know it, your personal information is used for incriminating activities.

You can rest assured that com.facebook.orca is a safe package folder

Of course, it communicates with Facebook Messenger servers, but it is configured to send information selectively. As such, it only handles data related to the Messenger app and not all the activities running on the device.

Does my Android phone really need the facebook orca package?

The other big question people ask about com.facebook.orca is whether their devices really need this package folder. This question comes about because few people know the connection between the orca and the Messenger app.

Well, the two are really connected, and the app needs the folder to operate. This is especially true if you access Messenger using its app and not through a browser or a desktop.

Furthermore, it requires many audios, video, plug-in, cache data, and cookie files for Facebook Messenger to run. Interestingly, all these files must be stored in com Facebook orca app folders, meaning that it would not be possible to seamlessly access Messenger through its app without them.

As such, your phone crucially needs com Facebook orca because that is where the Messenger app stores all its data. Of course, the orca folder is not part of the operating system that keeps your phone working, but it certainly supports the Facebook and Facebook Messenger applications.

What are the major issues associated with orca app?

Like other Office applications, com.facebook.orca has a few issues related to it. The first one has to do with storage consumption. Remember, the com Facebook orca folder store all the data files for videos, audios, cache memory, plug-ins, and cookies Messenger and Facebook use, meaning that it consumes large storage spaces in your Android phone.

The second issue is related to draining the battery. As you use Messenger to connect with friends, com Facebook orca keeps running in the background.

The longer it runs, the more power it consumes, and when the consumption is added up to what other applications take up, you will have to charge your phone from time to time.

Lastly, com.facebook.orca also consumes your device’s memory. For it to run, the system allocates part of its RAM. Of course, this might be negligible, but it definitely plays a role when your phone starts hanging due to insufficient storage space and memory.

Can I delete com.facebook.orca?

Many users wonder whether they can delete the com.facebook.orca android app. The simple answer is no. Since the apk folder is linked to the Messenger app, you have to do away with Facebook and Messenger applications for you to get rid of the Facebook orca application.

However, if you only focus on the orca app and delete it but keep Messenger, all the data regenerate when you relaunch the Facebook Messenger app.

What about the com.facebook.orca has stopped unexpectedly?

Sometimes, you might incur a Messenger error message that reads, ‘Unfortunately the application manager process (com.facebook.orca) has stopped unexpectedly.

Please try again’ while using Messenger. Its causes are still unknown, but they could be related to some bugs in the system. Besides, accumulating cache files could also prompt the error. How can you fix Facebook orca?

How to fix the com.facebook.orca error message?

As mentioned in the previous section, com.facebook.orca might experience an error message that stops seamless access of the Facebook Messenger app. Here are suggestions on how to fix the com Facebook orca has stopped error;

Method 1: Force stop the Messenger app

Since com.facebook.orca is the application package for Facebook Messenger, force stopping the latter could help fix the error message. Proceed as follows to use this approach;

  1. Click Settings from the main menu
  2. Go to Apps to find installed apps
  3. Find Messenger and click on it
  4. Tap on Force Stop and confirm the action by clicking OK
force stop to fix the com facebook orca

Method 2: Clear data on Messenger and Facebook apps

Clearing cached data on Facebook and Messenger apps could also help fix the com.facebook.orca error message.

The procedure is the same as above, only that instead of selecting ‘Force Stop,’ you choose ‘Clear Cache.’ Doing this for Facebook and Messenger ultimately clears bugs, fixing the error message.

clear data to fix com.facebook.orca

Method 3: Uninstall and re-install Messenger

If the first two methods suggested above do not work, uninstall and re-install the Messenger app. You can do this by long-pressing Messenger on the main menu and clicking on ‘uninstall’ or accessing the app through Settings. You can do the same for Facebook, hopefully fixing the orca error message.

Uninstall messenger app


Com.facebook.orca is the official application for Facebook Messenger. It contains all the audios, videos, cached files, plug-ins, cookies, etc., that the Messenger app needs to run. Although some dubious sources claim that Facebook orca is spyware, bloatware, or malware, be rest assured that the com Facebook orca folder is safe and is none of the above. In case an error message related to com.facebook.orca appears while you are using Messenger, clear cached data for or force stop Messenger. You can also uninstall and re-install Messenger and Facebook to fix the error.

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