What is COM Qualcomm eMBMS? Can I Disable It?

Maybe you have come across COM Qualcomm eMBMS on your Android phone, particularly on your Smartphone. Not many are familiar with the term unless you are competent in Information Technology (IT), Computer science, or related fields. In the course of this article, you will have a better understanding of what com Qualcomm eMBMS mean; furthermore, how to disable it from your phone.

What Exactly Is COM Qualcomm eMBMS?

This inbuilt network controls the network and chip interaction and is also charged with network management. This COM.Qualcomm.eMBMS Android app was not officially released, and you cannot download it separately.

COM Qualcomm eMBMS came with your system Android pre-installed on it such as com.android.settings and helped work the semiconductor chip. The very first company to undertake this technology was AT&T, with its system updates that came out the previous years.

The company is gradually building the support for the new infrastructure while testing the support for such a technology. The focus was to watch the user experience and notice if it caused any crashing or bugs within its modules. It’s evident that the 5G network will make lives easier and faster. 

COM Qualcomm eMBMS App

What Is eMBMS Service?

First introduced in 2014, EMBMS is an acronym for Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services. This technology allows multicast delivery of live streaming video alongside data.

There are numerous apps, like real-time game processing of the sport on a server. One example of EMBMS is, and the only barrier to its effective working is, low data transfer speeds across networks.

This shows how 5G will have exciting new inventions to it. It was recorded that the best overall data transfer is 44.2 terabytes per second; imagine downloading the Netflix database in a second.

The server available is insignificant and has led to battle necks since its upgrade is not done in time. Take Youtube, for example, which because of its high traffic, which loads its data, has 480p as its maximum video quality when using Cellular data.     


Ever heard of semiconductor chips? Qualcomm, short for quality communications, is an American-based international association that creates semiconductor chips for Smartphones.

This association also designs software and wireless technology services. One of the first and most popular SIM technologies is CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), which Qualcomm discovered in 1989 after its establishment in 1985.

CDMA spread spectrum technology increased capacity, extended battery life, and improved phone service quality.   

Semiconductor chips

A semiconductor chip is an electric circuit comprising many components such as transistors and wiring embedded on a semiconductor wafer.

An electric device that contains many semiconductor chips is called an integrated circuit. A phone is such a device.   

How To Disable Com.Qualcomm.eMBMS?

You might notice COM Qualcomm eMBMS popping up every few minutes on the Android phone, and you wonder how to disable it.

This is linked to the vulnerability of many android phones to hackers who may access your text messages, phone records, and everything else on your phone.

This problem came up when COM Qualcomm eMBMS released new Application Program Interfaces (APIs) as part of the network-manager system service, which also involved the need deamon.

These applications allowed additional tethering capabilities vulnerable to hacking. To disable these pop-ups, you will need an additional application, particularly FireEye mobile security app, to detect the Qualcomm vulnerability.

FireEye has been monitoring the use of the API and will protect your device from exploitation. The downside is that this application is not compatible with all android versions, so be sure to check.


No, you better understand what COM Qualcomm eMBMS Android app is in detail. Protect your phone from the vulnerability of getting hacked and your information being stolen. But if your phone is already hacked, you might want to consider getting a new device instead. You will also need a new Android phone if com.Qualcomm.embms stops. Keep in mind that these pop-ups are not to be taken lightly.

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