What Is Com.Android.settings and How To Disable It

Maybe you have come across the term com.android.settings has stopped’ error. These can be too annoying as they stop the phone from operating by shutting down its functionality.

If you wonder whether the com android settings app is safe on your Android phone. Here is some more information about the App and how to disable it.

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What Does Com.Android.settings Mean?

It would be best if you had a better understanding of com.android.Settings primarily before you can go into the details of how to fix or disable it.

Com android settings App is the android package name for the settings App through which the device’s user carries out all the settings of that Smartphone.

Com.Android.settings app

These will include up and down, adjusting the volume, controlling the Wi-Fi settings, and changing the ringtone. So this means that this application is very essential to the phone.

Does Your Phone Need Com Android Settings?

Many android users raise concerns over a range of issues to deal with com.Android.settings App and most of these people wonder if they need it.

Com Android settings is a system pre-installed application such as com.android.backupconfirm on all android phones. So if your question is whether you need it? then the answer is yes, you need it for the smooth writing of your device.

If, however you feel like disabling it, you might as well do just that cause, after all, it’s your Smartphone. The only problem with doing this is that you will not be able to control different settings on your Android phone, including changing the ringtone, adjusting volume, camera zooming, and controlling your calls.

With this, now you understand the importance of having com.android.settings App on your Android phone. Disabling it means a lot for your device. However, some instances may require you to disable this application.

Is Com.android.settings Android App Safe?

Improvements in technology have made communication easier even for people from different continents. Technology came in with the new, including the Smartphones, which seem to be the greatest invention of all time, especially in communication.

Android phone introduced other app companies that were charged with developing system applications such as the com settings or com android sharedstoragebackup to fit the Smartphones.

Many of these applications have benefited humans immensely in communication, entertainment, and other various things.

With these applications have also come the negative impacts such as viruses or dangerous programs that are instead destroying the phones.

Cyberbullying is another negative impact that has come with the development of technology. Some apps have also been a route for stealing personal information that could be used in criminal activities.

In line with all this, all Smartphone users are cautious of every App they have on their mobile phone, and it is because of this that some users may mistake com.android.settings app for dangerous application.

There is no cause for alarm as the com android settings is a safe app that will not cause any harm to your phone as its main function is to ensure the smooth running of your device.

Is The Application Bloatware?  

Bloatware exists, especially in Smartphones that are just there to consume space and memory and are not needed by the user.

Com.android.settings app may be mistaken for bloatware as one may ask themselves why they need it, and without the proper knowledge, they may delete it.

One thing you must understand is that this application does not consume extra resources in your Android; furthermore, the RAM it uses is proportional to the services it offers.

The com android settings App runs in the background like the com samsung android fmm, and its power will depend on what it offers your android phone.

How To Disable the Com.Android.settings App using ADB

You may consider disabling com.android.settings App from an android phone in the case where it is showing up on the screen and bringing about further issues that may hinder the smooth running of your device.

This should come as a last resort after you have tried things like restarting the phone or clearing Cache. However, you will need a PC to create a Unix shell for executing the commands directly to achieve this.

This is because you are using a phone which is a non-rooted device. With the non-rooted device, you will not need root access again. 

  1. Under settings, go to the system and then about the phone.
  2. Activate developer options by tapping the build number 7-10 times
  3. Select the main menu and access developer options by a tap.
  4. Tap USB debugging to start it, then proceed to the browser to download ADB on your PC.
  5. Extract the downloaded zip file, then open it.
  6. Press and hold the shift button in procession, then double-click the blank button.
  7. Open the Powershell window, and when the messages appear, select it before entering the command ‘adb devices.
  8. Use the cable to connect the Smartphone to the PC.
  9. Types in the command line, adb shell pm uninstall – user 0 com android settings press enter and let the command delete the App.


Com.android.settings app is essential to the phone as it takes to charge for its smooth running. Do not mistake this App for bloatware. Deleting or disabling it may bring about issues to the phone, which may require one to visit application developers to fix the issue.

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