What Is Com.Lge.Launcher3? All You Need To Know

If you are getting into your Android phone, you will meet some complex features you don’t know anything about. Such features include the com.lge.launcher3, and com.lge.shutdownmonitor. In this article, you will find out more about the launcher 3 system app and how to fix the stopping and crashing errors.

What Does Com.lge.launcher3 Mean On Android?

First, before going directly into the meaning of com.lge.launcher3, we must understand launcher3. For any android device, the basic and default launcher for them is the launcher3.

For instance, Google and pixel launchers are among the common icons and names that manufacturers will use. But the manufacturers are free to customize and change how the launcher will behave on the device they make.

Launcher3 is another name for the android operating system, and it is a basic launcher for all the Lg and Motorola Android devices.


In the Lg android devices, lge is the abbreviation for LG electronics; hence you should not feel confused when you come across such abbreviations. In Motorola devices, the launcher3 will appear as com Motorola launcher3.

Therefore, com.lge.launcher3 is the default launcher found in all the LG android devices and is designed to serve only the LG Operating Systems.

Although the launcher does not give many options to you, it offers the user the liberty to customize the appearance of their home screen.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any other fancy features as it only provides some little hacks when using the device.

What Is The Importance Of Using Com.lge.launcher3 App?

Many users will mistake the app notification message for a virus when using the android device. However, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as the feature only acts as the default screen setter for your phone.

The com.lge.launcher3 also allows you to add other fancy apps to your home screen that give it a beautiful look. Also, it is the base operating program of the phone, meaning you can’t use your phone if you dint have a launcher. Also, the com.lge.launcher3 has the following essential uses:

The application is crucial for launching other apps on your phone. Your phone must have as a failure before it becomes a useless Android phone, regardless of how many features the phone has.

For instance, without the com lge launcher3 in your device, you can’t make calls, browse, or perform any other action on your phone apart from looking at it.

Launcher3 helps you improve your LG phone’s interface. You can use it to customize and change the overall look of your home screen to the one you prefer. You can also download themes and wallpapers if you like to be a home screen wallpaper.

What Is The Best Feature Of com.lge.launcher3?

Although the program stops, it comes with cool features you will not want to miss on your Android phone. For instance, it comes with an Action Launcher with vibrant features that will allow you to customize your phone. Additionally, it features the new google pixel android version with the following cool features:

  • Circular dock tinting folder.
  • Full-screen mode means all the apps are fixed on one screen.
  • Date Widgets and Google Pills.

Why Unfortunately Com.lge.launcher3 Has Stopped Error On Android?

The com.lge.launcher3 may fail to respond when using the phone. This is a problem that many users have encountered, and it is irritating. It mostly occurs when the user attempts to access apps and sites.

However, as an android user, such malfunctions should not worry you because of the following reason.

The common application in your LG device are incompatible with the com.lge.launcher3, and you need to install the updates.

So, you need to keep your device to date to avoid experiencing such annoying messages of failure. Another reason for crushing the com.lge.launcher3 is that after updating a certain app, it ruins the previous default settings of your phone; hence you need to check on that.

How To Fix ‘Unfortunately com.lge.launcher3 App Has Stopped’?

Cleaning your phone’s and app’s cached data is the best way to clear this problem. This efficient technique aims at resetting the com.lge.launcher3 to the default state without bothering with uninstallation. However, not all people do that. Some will tackle the problem by rebooting the device to fix the issue completely.

Fix Com Lge Launcher3

The following are common steps you can follow in your quest to clear the com lge launcher3 cached data. These steps may differ depending on the version and features of your android device.

  • Open the settings of the device and reach out for the application section.
  • Click on it to open all the apps and narrow them down alphabetically to launcher3.
  • Click on it and then click on the clear cache or data section.
  • Click to do away with the com.lge.launcher3 data on your device.
  • If this doesn’t work, try force-stopping the app before enabling it after some time.

If your device uses android 12 and above, you need to go an extra mile to the manage apps section. After selecting the launcher3 application, you can choose to clear the storage data or cached data.

Clearing storage data restore the application to its default state as all the customization and adjustments you make will be deleted.

Wrapping up

This concludes our article on the com.Lge.Launcher3 Android app. We hope you found it helpful in understanding what this app is and how it can be useful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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