What Is Com.wssyncmldm? A Complete Guide

Com.android.settings and com.wssyncmldm are some of the Android apps that run in the background on Samsung phones, but are they really required?

While this application is designed to run in the background without causing any inconvenience, it may appear in your Google activity or pop up on your screen even if you have not opened it.

If you don’t want to contact a service center, you can still fix the problem yourself. In this article, you’ll learn what com.wssyncmldm is and how to use it. If it’s spyware, you’ll want to know how to eliminate it.

What does com.wssyncmldm mean?

Android devices with the com.wssyncmldm app are most commonly found. The OS uses this system app to check and monitor the system and other apps in the background, such as com samsung android smartmirroring updates. Furthermore, it informs users of any Samsung device system updates.

Because the application is designed to run in the background, the phone user is unlikely to encounter it. Furthermore, unlike other applications that require frequent updates, the app consumes very little battery and data.

Wssyncmldm is considered a security system application with no hidden resource usage issues.

What About Com.wssyncmldm has stopped working?

You may have noticed a pop-up saying “com.wssyncmldm has stopped working unexpectedly” when using your phone.

It is difficult to continue using the phone once it appears. Because the message appears every 5 minutes, it interferes with your operations. So, what is the problem?

In most cases, the error message will appear and then disappear, leading you to believe the issue has been resolved.

The issue appears repeatedly, making it very frustrating and compels you to find the application and uninstall it. To see if the notification disappears, some users restart their phones.

It may seem like an easy solution, but it will not solve the problem permanently. Therefore, you’ll have to use one of the other methods below.

How to fix com.wssyncmldm keeps stopping?

As mentioned previously, the com.wssyncmldm has stopped error is usually caused by an app malfunction or cache issue, so to fix the error you must identify and correct the root cause.

Consequently, here are a few solutions for fixing the problem or removing the app:

App Cache and Data Clearing

Follow these steps to clear the app cache and data and resolve errors relating to all applications, including Google Play services that keep stopping:

  • Select All Apps from the Settings app.
  • Choose Show System Apps.
  • Double-click com.wssyncmldm.
  • The Force Stop button should be pressed.
  • Under App Storage, tap Clear Cache and Data.

Upon returning home, check your phone again to see if the message has appeared.

Titanium Backup Software

Using Titanium Backup Software to freeze the com.wssyncmldm app may be the best option if the first method fails.

In addition, freezing the app will not remove it from your device, nor will it cause any other issues with your Samsung account app.

The process of freezing the application requires root access on your phone. If your phone isn’t rooted, you should learn how to root it before attempting to freeze the application.

If you have root access on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Titanium Backup App from the official website.
  2. Launch the app on your smartphone.
  3. After searching for com.wssyncmldm, tap on it.
  4. Freeze will automatically stop all background processes related to com.wssyncmldm.
  5. Select Grant from the Superuser app on your Samsung device and wait for the process to begin.

Disable the app using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Using ADB (Android Debug Bridge), you can install, uninstall, debug, and access the data of applications on Android devices.

The Android debug system can also be used to run other commands.

For this method to work, you’ll need a Windows desktop or laptop, a data cable, and the ADB tool.

  • The first step is to open the Settings app on the device, then tap on System, then About Phone.
  • Click Builder Number seven times to activate Developer Options.
  • Select Developer Options again from the main settings.
  • When you find USB Debugging, tap on it.
  • Installing ADB on your computer is required.
  • After extracting the zip file, move the contents to a new folder.
  • While right-clicking in the new folder with the extracts, hold the Shift key.
  • Click the Open Powershell Window Here button (or Open Command Window Here if you are using an older version of Windows).
  • Make sure the USB mode on your computer is set to File Transfer when you connect your phone via USB cable.
  • To run the command, type adb devices in the PowerShell window.
  • You will see a USB debugging prompt on your phone’s screen. Press OK to grant access.
  • In the Powershell window, type adb devices. The device’s serial number should now appear.
  • Using the adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 com.wssyncmldm command in the Powershell window will disable the com.wssyncmldm app.

Does com.wssyncmldm contain spyware?

In reality, com.wssyncmldm is a “bloatware” app kit that monitors the OS’s status in the background, similar to the COM.Qualcomm.eMBMS Android app.

We dare say that this is not even bloatware, since Android update notifications are essential to your phone. As a result, your Samsung device will not come pre-installed with this app.

The device’s com.wssyncmldm also has some issues. Many Android users have turned to the internet to find out how to remove it.

High-tech experts recommend fixing the issues rather than removing the app from the phone because it is necessary for security reasons.

Wssyncmldm and System Updates

Unless you understand how system updates work, we can’t discuss the features of com.wssyncmldm. Updates on computers and phones work in a similar way. When an Android phone is released, users are expected to test it and report back to the developer.

As a result of user feedback, the developer modifies the device system to meet the needs of the majority of users. The Android operating system underwent numerous changes until the most recent version, Android 13, was released on 13 in August 2022.

As soon as a new update is available, com wssyncmldm checks all security patches. When an update is available, the app lets you know so that you can decide whether to upgrade.

It is important to review the changelog or release notes before installing a new update on your phone.

Last Word

If your com.wssyncmldm app malfunctions on your phone, you can easily fix the problems using the methods listed above without contacting the developers. Even after attempting the aforementioned solutions, some users still experience problems.

It is also possible to flash the stock firmware using Samsung Odin. However, make sure that you have backed up your Android device before using this comprehensive method. You should seek professional assistance if you are unsure about what you are doing.

FAQs for Com.wssyncmldm

Can com.wssyncmldm be disabled?

The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or the System App Remover application can be used to disable com.wssyncmldm (requires root access).

Can I use com.wssyncmldm safely?

Com.wssyncmldm is safe to leave on your phone. There is no virus, spyware, malware, or bloatware in the wssyncmldm app. Some users think it is a virus, malware, or bloatware because it runs in the background. Your device will not be damaged by this app.

In Google activity, what does wssyncmldm mean?

Com.wssyncmldm is a pre-installed system app that the Android OS uses to check and monitor the system and other apps. The OS automatically searches for software updates using this app in the background.

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