What Is com.android.cellbroadcastreceiver and How To Disable It?

Emergency alerts are crucial to our lives, keeping us informed and safe during unforeseen events. When it comes to receiving these critical notifications on our phones, com google cell broadcast receiver is the package name that works behind the scenes. But what is com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver? Is it safe? Should you remove it from your phone? And if not, how can you disable it?

In this guide, we’ll explore all these questions and more info shedding light on this essential feature that often goes unnoticed. So grab your reading glasses as we delve into the world of com android cellbroadcastreceiver and uncover everything you need to know!

What is com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver?

Com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver is an important app that deals with SMS emergency alerts. It acts as a receiver for cell broadcast messages sent by authorities during emergencies or critical situations. These messages can include severe weather warnings, AMBER alerts for missing children, or even public safety notifications. 

Is com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver safe?

Regarding the safety of any app on your phone, it’s important to research and understand what it does. So, let’s take a closer look at cellbroadcastreceiver and whether or not it is safe.

Cellbroadcastreceiver is an essential system app that works similarly to Com.android.mms and com.samsung.android.messaging. As we discussed before, it is responsible for receiving emergency alerts via SMS, such as natural disaster warnings or Amber Alerts. 

However, there is no reason to believe that com google android cellbroadcastreceiver poses any threat to your device or personal information. As a system app developed by Google, it undergoes rigorous testing and security measures before being included in the Android operating system.

Should I remove com google android cellbroadcastreceiver?

Based on what we learned in the previous section, let’s discuss whether or not we should delete the google android cell broadcast receiver. This is a question that many Android users find themselves asking. The answer is more complex than you might think.

While some users may see this app as unnecessary, disabling it can have serious consequences. Without com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver app, you would no longer receive important emergency alerts on your phone. This could put your safety at risk and leave you unaware of critical situations.

Remember that the purpose of this app is to keep you safe and informed during emergencies. Removing it without a valid reason could jeopardize your well-being.

How to disable cellbroadcastreceiver app?

You can disable the com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver app if you do not wish to receive emergency alerts via SMS. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Tap on Apps or Applications Manager.
  3. Locate com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver in the list of apps.
  4. Scroll down and find Force Stop and Disable.
  5. Tap on Disable.
Disable com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver

Remember that these steps may vary slightly depending on your Android device’s version and manufacturer. If the disable button is not available following the next steps will help you uninstall the app permanently from your phone.

How to uninstall com google android cellbroadcastreceiver?

Removing pre-installed or bloatware apps from your Android phone can be tricky. But with the right methods, you can regain control over your phone’s storage and performance. Here’s how to uninstall the com android cell broadcast receiver:

1. ABD method

The Android Debug Bridge method is a powerful tool that allows you to interact with your phone using a computer. It’s a popular choice among tech-savvy users who want more control over their devices. You can remove cellbroadcastreceiver and other pre-installed apps such as com android localtransport using the ADB method easily.

You’ll need to enable USB debugging on your Android device. Go to the Settings menu, then tap on “Developer options.” If developer options aren’t visible, navigate to “About phone” and click on the build number multiple times until enabled.

Once USB debugging is enabled, connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Open up a command prompt or terminal window on your computer and enter the following command: adb devices.

Next, enter this command: adb shell pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver. After hitting Enter, you should see a success message indicating that the app has been uninstalled.

Remember, while this method gives you more control over removing system apps. Caution is advised as deleting certain essential apps may have unintended consequences for your device’s functionality.

2. System app remover

System app remover is another effective method to remove com android cellbroadcastreceiver from your phone. This app allows you to uninstall system apps like Configapk that cannot be removed through the regular settings menu.

One of the great features of System App Remover is the ability to provide detailed information about each app on your device. This helps you make an informed decision before removing any app. You can see the size, version, and other relevant details, ensuring you don’t accidentally remove a necessary system component.

Moreover, System App Remover also offers batch uninstallation options, allowing you to remove multiple apps simultaneously which makes the process more efficient.

Using this method requires root access on your device. Rooting your phone gives you administrator privileges and allows you to modify or delete system files. However, it’s essential to proceed with caution when rooting as it may void your warranty or cause potential security risks if not done properly.

Whether you choose the ADB method or rely on a system remover tool. Always make sure that you back up important data before making any changes to ensure you don’t lose anything valuable during the process.

Last Words

Com.google.android.cellbroadcastreceiver is a pre-installed system app on Android devices. It serves the purpose of receiving and broadcasting emergency alerts. If you rarely experience emergencies in your location or prefer not to receive these alerts via SMS, disabling or uninstalling it won’t impact the overall functionality of your device negatively.

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