How To Fix The Xiaomi Power Button Not Working (Easy Steps)

When it comes to smartphone buttons, the Power button is one of the most frequently used. The button can lock the screen, shut down the phone, or restart it. The inability of your phone’s Power button to function can result in numerous issues. If you discover that the Power button on your Xiaomi device is malfunctioning, you must determine the reason for the issue and correct it. Here are some solutions to the MI Power Button problem.

Why Xiaomi Power Button Is Not Working?

Before attempting to self-resuscitate the device, try to determine why Xiaomi’s power button has failed. One of the common causes is that the mobile phone was submerged in water or another liquid.

The devices hould be disassembled and completely dried with a hairdryer. To avoid burning the contacts, it is vital to dry them with extremely low air pressure.

An operating system failure is another reason why poor-quality MI smartphones fail. If the device was shut off improperly or if virus software was installed.

It is conceivable that several mistakes and damage to essential system files happened. Preventing the device from starting the operating system.

What To Do To Fix Xiaomi Power Button Issue?

There are a few things you can do to fix the Xiaomi power button. If it is not responding or just not working, the first thing to check is if something is blocking the power button’s response, such as a hair clip.

If nothing is blocking the power button’s response, then the next step would be to try resetting the power button.

To do this, you will need to remove the battery and SD card from the device, hold down the Power and Home buttons for about 10 seconds, and then reinstall them.

If all of these steps fail to fix the issue, then follow the next solutions.

1- Restart your phone

If the Xiaomi power button fails, the problem is usually transient, and the power button currently fails due to a small fault.

When you realize that your phone’s power button is not working, you must restart it from the beginning. It will only take a few seconds if the battery is replaceable.

Then, to see if it works, push the power button. Alternatively, if the button does not work and your phone has a non-removable battery, deplete the battery and turn the phone off.

Another approach is to connect the phone to a PC and use the “Power Off” or “Recovery Mode” options to force a reset. This option will also fix the Xioami black screen and other minor problems.

2- Volume Button To Unlock App

This is one of the software replacements that can be used in place of the power button in certain situations. Please make the necessary adjustments after you’ve downloaded and installed it.

  • To lock your phone, pull down the notification bar and tap the on/off button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • To unlock your phone, tap anywhere on the display, and it will start working again.
  • You can configure the app’s options to carry out various tasks by using the buttons and gestures displayed on the screen.

3- Examining for debris

Dust particles, the tiniest bit of paper, or anything else that gets lodged between the button and the metal plate beneath it stops it from working.

You can suck out anything stuck between the buttons by pressing a button or using a vacuum cleaner. However, it is not safe to remove the button and reinstall it by yourself.

To draw out dust particles, use a sharp piece of paper or something sharp and thin enough to pass between the buttons.

Rough handling might cause damage to the equipment; thus, precautions must be taken. It is only advised to utilize this strategy if you have prior experience.

4- Visit Xiaomi Service Center

Go to the Mi customer service center and tell them that your Xiaomi device’s power button is broken. Within three to four business days, depending on the country in which you reside, technicians will address the issue and provide your phone with a button that is either corrected or replaced.

This process will take place. It is in your best interest to get in touch with an authorized facility because doing so preserves the smartphone manufacturer’s warranty.

This warranty covers certain aspects and costs related to damage or leaking during the warranty period. This indicates that the problem with the MI power button is not covered by the warranty if there is one. It will be fixed at no cost to you.

You must report any issues to an authorized service center to avoid having the warranty canceled after the allotted time period has passed.

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In most instances, if the Power button stops working, the cause is usually a hardware issue. The best thing to do in such a situation is to communicate with an authorized customer service representative. You can also test the button’s functionality by navigating to Settings > About phone > Kernal version and tapping it multiple times. Then, it would help if you switched to engineering mode to examine the functionality of each button.

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