What Is Com.lge.ims on Android and How to Stop It?

Are you having problems with the com.lge.ims app on your LG phone? Would you like a way to stop it from your Android phone? Find out how in this article.

At some point, you may have been interrupted by the LG IMS on your Android phone if it’s an LG device.

This irritates you as it ruins your experience and whatever you are doing on the device. Because of this and the ignorance of millions of people worldwide, the app was reported as a virus that is not the case.

Many people have associated data corruption and illegal access of important data between third-party applications and the android device.

However, the application is important for your device, and you only need to stop the error notification, and you will be good to go.

What Is The com.lge.ims On Android Phones?

Before going further into details, you need to understand the meaning of the com.lge.ims and its role on your device.

The com lge ims app refers to the internet protocol multimedia subsystem service, which helps your phone deal with anything to do with multimedia.

Multimedia is a wide field and encompasses many things that make your phone run efficiently. However, the com.lge.ims mostly deal with Voice Over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) and Wi-Fi calling.

Is com.lge.ims Available on LG Devices?

If you are using an android device and the error message still popping up, you might be surprised by the LG part of the notification.

Although the LGE in the message is an abbreviation for the LG company, it doesn’t mean it is purely meant for LG devices only.

Many Android manufacturers have included it on the devices, so when the error notification comes, it has an LG part. This is not harmful to your Lg device; hence you don’t have to panic.

Does The LG IMS Have A Package Name?

Package names have become popular nowadays, and the technology continues to evolve. These names are crucial when downloading an application from several available app stores.

They also help run updates because some applications are only identified through the package name like com.lge.shutdownmonitor. It would be best if you also had the package names when uninstalling an app from your device to avoid bringing damage to your phone.

What Is the Issue Associated With com.lge.ims app?

Although the application has many benefits for the android phone, several users need help with the issues of stopping and popping up on some android devices.

Some of these issues are optional because it’s how any application accomplishes what is required. Some of these issues include:

1- Abnormal Battery Consumption

People have now associated the com.lge.ims with high battery consumption. As learned earlier, the LG ims offer the framework for VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling, and this process will consume power. However, it doesn’t drain the battery to an ambiguous state; hence you don’t have to put all the blames on it.

2- Automatically Turning on Location

This is essential as Wi-Fi calling can only be completed by turning on the location. Like any other app such as com.lge.launcher3, the com.lge.ims need to access location to work efficiently.

3- The ‘Unfortunately LG Ims Has Stopped’ Error Notification

This is one of the frequent errors coming from the LG ims android app. Sometimes an error message may appear. But the application has failed in the background. Although the cause of the problem is unclear, we have come up with some ways to troubleshoot it.

How To Stop com.lge.ims?

  • Uninstall any recent installations and updates you’ve made to your device
  • Restart your Android.
  • Factory reset your LG device after backing up essential data.
  • Deactivate the LG IMS application
  • Change the Ip version of your phone using the hidden menu.
  • Clear system and LG cache.


If you’ve been experiencing issues with com.lge.ims that keep popping up on your Android device. Then, our article might help you to stop it. By understanding what the com lge ims app is and how to stop it, you can hopefully protect your phone and keep yourself safe.

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